Account Registration

HoneyAPI requires a Watson Campaign Automation account type of Org Admin.

The Account type field determines access to the visual XML API component, which may not be suitable non-agency or non-admin users.


For HoneyAPI to access your data, a developer application must be created in Watson Campaign Automation, and access to the application must be granted to your account. This must be done by an Org Admin.
View complete instructions for obtaining this data.

Org Goals

We set goals in HoneyAPI to help us set a baseline for expected performance. These goals can be updated at any time from your account settings.


Other Bits

The following information is used in various places in HoneyAPI to help with data evaluation.

Contract-Based Data

We give the option to choose how your metrics are calculated - using Total Sent or Total Received. For example, a unique open rate could be calculated as (Unique Opens / Total Sent) * 100.

Sending IP Addresses

These fields are used to help you watch sender reputation. HoneyAPI does nothing with these addresses and is only used for reference.