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To Emoji, or Not to Emoji?

Using emojis in email subject lines is a trend that has grown tremendously over the last few years, and it’s a trend that’s not likely to disappear anytime soon. In fact, the use of emojis in marketing email subject lines increased 775% from 2015-2016, according to Email Marketing Daily. Whether you ❤︎ emojis or hate them, these tiny symbols have made an impact on the way we communicate. For marketers, it’s another tool we can use to stand out in our customers’ already crowded inboxes and enhance the meaning of our subject lines.

Emojis: A New Tool to Help Marketers Win the Inbox

Should email marketers embrace emojis the same way that pop culture has? The bigger question, perhaps, isn’t whether email marketers should use emojis, but whether they will be effective. We’ve all seen emojis pop up in our inbox, featured cleverly in an email subject line. However, just because one brand has taken the leap doesn’t mean we should all follow. Does having an emoji in the subject line achieve the goal of engaging subscribers and compelling them to open? Yes, they do … at least sometimes.

Web Tip – How to Measure Statistical Significance of Your A/B Tests

As marketers, we always want to be testing to see what creative content fits our audience best. Is it a sneaky subject line that entices email opens? Or a particularly good call to action that gets the click on a landing page? Multivariate, or A/B testing, is a great way to test and see what works and doesn’t. “Success” can be measured in numerous ways, but the results should be significant. If you’re scratching your head because we lost you at multivariate, read on to learn what A/B testing is and how you can measure the statistical significance of your tests.

Email Subject Line Length: Is Brevity Better?

Emails with shorter subject lines tend to garner significantly higher open rates and click rates, according to recent research from Yes Lifecycle Marketing. The report was based on data from more than 7 billion emails sent in the second quarter of 2017 by Yes Lifecycle Marketing clients in a wide range of verticals.


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