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Your 2018 Marketing Plan Won’t Work and Will Break the Law: The Threat Posed by GDPR

Marketing departments may not realize the seismic impact a new regulation will have on their plans for 2018. And if they don't begin planning today, CMOs may discover that after May 25, 2018, their teams will not be able to execute campaigns and activities in the way they used to—at least not without facing the risk of legal action against their companies resulting in dramatic penalties and brand damage.

How to Fix CAN-SPAM So It Doesn’t Further Harm U.S. Businesses

CAN-SPAM, America’s anti-spam law, was designed to be business-friendly and set a low bar for compliance. Noticeably absent is any kind of requirement for businesses to get permission from consumers before sending them mass commercial emails. Businesses only need to provide a way for consumers to opt out from receiving such emails.

GDPR - What Email Marketers need to know

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is on the way! Mark the date in your calendar; 25th May 2018. You may have heard a lot of talk about what GDPR is and how it affects your marketing operations, here we'll break it all down to short actionable steps.


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