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Interactive Email’s Opportunities and Challenges

Enthusiasm for email interactivity is at an all-time high, with marketers declaring that 2017 is the year of interactive email, saying that interactivity was a bigger trend than Big Data. Marketers are right to be excited. Allowing subscribers to click in an email and activate additional content within that email reduces friction by not forcing them to visit a website or app. However, email’s disruptive evolution from static message to mailable microsite presents many challenges. But first things first. Before we look at the challenges, let’s look at all the opportunities that interactive emails offers to marketers.

2018 Marketing Salary Guide: Pay Forecasts for Brand and Agency Positions

The median starting salary for a corporate chief marketing officer (CMO) in the United States is expected to be $164,000 in 2018, according to recent research from The Creative Group. The 2018 Salary Guide was based on data from staffing and recruiting professionals who make thousands of full-time, temporary, and project placements at brands and agencies each year. The researchers determined projected 2018 salary ranges for positions in the United States based on starting pay only; bonuses, incentives, and other forms of compensation were not taken into account. The full report includes projections for many more positions, as well as data on salary variations by state and country.

Emojis: A New Tool to Help Marketers Win the Inbox

Should email marketers embrace emojis the same way that pop culture has? The bigger question, perhaps, isn’t whether email marketers should use emojis, but whether they will be effective. We’ve all seen emojis pop up in our inbox, featured cleverly in an email subject line. However, just because one brand has taken the leap doesn’t mean we should all follow. Does having an emoji in the subject line achieve the goal of engaging subscribers and compelling them to open? Yes, they do … at least sometimes.

The Most Effective Email Marketing Tactics in 2017

Marketers rank message personalization and the creation of meaningful calls to action as the two most effective email tactics, according to recent research from Ascend2. The report was based on data from a survey of 260 marketers (48% work for firms that are primarily B2B-focused, 34% for firms that are primarily B2C focused, and 18% for hybrid B2B/B2C firms).

B2B Content Marketing 2018 - Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends - North America

To summarize our new content marketing research report in four words: Content marketing is maturing. Almost two-thirds (63%) of North American B2B marketers—and 78% of top performers among them—say they're much more or somewhat more successful with their content marketing now than they were a year ago, according to our just-released B2B content marketing research report. That's good news—both for B2B organizations and for the discipline of content marketing itself, of course.

The Size of the Gender Pay Gap in Email Marketing

Women are a vital part of the email marketing industry. Overall, women make up 47.3% of the email marketing workforce, according to Litmus’ State of Email Survey of more than 3,500 marketers. And at companies with more than 500 employees, exactly half of email marketers are women. Email marketing professionals wear many hats, performing on average 4.4 of the 10 email tasks that we surveyed them about.

What Email Marketers Need to Know About iOS 11 and the New iPhones

With iOS Mail accounting for about a third of all email opens in the first half of 2017, updates to the iPhone family and changes to the mobile operating system and its email client can make a big impact on the email world. Now, after Apple’s big event on September 12th, we know that it’s not one, but three new iPhones—iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X—that will make their way into consumers’ hands soon, along with the new mobile operating system iOS 11.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Trends

In this infographic, we share the findings of our joint research with Salesforce into shopping cart abandonment email trends around the usage and creation of these highly effective emails from 2013 to 2016. Use this data to inform the timing, content, and series flow of your own cart abandonment email program.


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