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We Wanted to Know If Subscribers Liked Our Email Content. Here’s How We Got 1,600+ People to Tell Us.

Every time we sent an email, we ended up with lots of data. Open and click rates from hundreds of emails delivered to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. But all this data didn’t tend to give us clear, actionable steps to improve our emails. I just couldn’t figure out the why behind the numbers. More often than not, I found myself guessing why subscribers might have responded negatively or positively to any given email. I had no way to tell how they actually felt.

Have A Dose of Email Therapy

[Includes Product Advertisement] Almost half of the world’s population is using email in some form or another, with 44 percent owning a smartphone in 2017. So ask yourself this question: what goes on in your subscriber’s mind when they open their mailbox? Do they scan through their mailbox like a robot, analyzing every word, comma, and question mark? Afterward making complex mathematical calculations, assessing and grouping their email based on sender, subject line, wording, offers, size, and color? Yes, probably they do—so let’s try and influence those decisions a bit, should we?


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