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The All-New Guide to CSS Support in Email

Fun fact: It’s more than a decade since the Guide to CSS Support in Email was first released. Not so fun fact: It has been nearly 4 years since our last complete update of the test results. The CSS guide has always been one of our most popular resources, helping folks around the world who code emails get their job done. As an email developer, I’ve considered it to be an iconic internet landmark since well before I joined Campaign Monitor.

7 Opportunities Perfect for Building and Using Email Templates

We know that email marketing is valuable: research shows it drives incredible ROI for every dollar spent (as much as $44 for every $1, in fact.) But some marketers feel that designing and sending that first email campaign is overwhelming. Luckily, that’s not a problem anymore. Thanks to email templates, you can quickly build and send beautiful, professional, and objective-oriented emails in minutes. You can insert your branding into existing templates provided by your email service provider, or you can build custom templates of your own. Let’s look at a few times when using email templates will help you send beautiful emails in an efficient manner. We’ve also included some best practices for creating templates of your own.

HTML Tables In Email:  What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

If you’ve been in the email industry for any amount of time, you’ve likely experienced a number of problems with your email campaigns. From missing images to deliverability problems, email marketing is fraught with challenges. Something you may not have considered, though, is what can go wrong with the tables — the actual code — that is at the foundation of your emails.

How to Build an Interactive Quiz in Email

Email on Acid sent a fun interactive email for the 4th of July featuring a "choose your adventure" format where the reader had a choice of sending an email without testing on Email on Acid or after testing. There were a few tricks in the email such as a ticking clock, but at the core the email uses a "quiz format" where successive pages are displayed based on a selection of options from a previous page within an email. Such a setup can accommodate a multitude of other interactive email scenarios that we will go into detail later, such as product listing filters, games, tutorials and carousels.


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