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Interactive Email for Beginners: 6 Interactive Elements You Can Add to Your Emails Today

n the beginning of 2017, we asked over 1,200 email marketers about what they think will be the biggest email trend of the year. Interactive email lead the list, with 27% of marketers saying that 2017 would be the year of interactive email. And indeed, we did see some truly inspiring interactive emails, including these masterpieces from Nest, B&Q, and Burberry.

We Wanted to Know If Subscribers Liked Our Email Content. Here’s How We Got 1,600+ People to Tell Us.

Every time we sent an email, we ended up with lots of data. Open and click rates from hundreds of emails delivered to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. But all this data didn’t tend to give us clear, actionable steps to improve our emails. I just couldn’t figure out the why behind the numbers. More often than not, I found myself guessing why subscribers might have responded negatively or positively to any given email. I had no way to tell how they actually felt.

Is Your Email Aesthetic Hurting Your Clicks?

The digital aesthetic, especially for email, has changed drastically over the last 10 years. Technology has improved, consumers are increasingly savvy and designing for online consumption has become an artform. Across digital channels, we’ve seen a progression from crowded and clunky to sleek and minimalist. In our effort to produce creative with a modern aesthetic, are we depriving our audiences of a positive user experience? Is our creative contributing to tune-out and abandonment?

The Ultimate Guide to Bulletproof Buttons in Email Design

As designers and marketers, we all understand the importance of getting people to interact with our campaigns. That’s why the call-to-action, or CTA, is critical. We’ve written before about CTAs and their importance in email marketing and in this blog post, we’ll dive a bit deeper into one method of crafting calls-to-action—the bulletproof button.

Interactive Email’s Opportunities and Challenges

Enthusiasm for email interactivity is at an all-time high, with marketers declaring that 2017 is the year of interactive email, saying that interactivity was a bigger trend than Big Data. Marketers are right to be excited. Allowing subscribers to click in an email and activate additional content within that email reduces friction by not forcing them to visit a website or app. However, email’s disruptive evolution from static message to mailable microsite presents many challenges. But first things first. Before we look at the challenges, let’s look at all the opportunities that interactive emails offers to marketers.

Email Design Tips: How to Use Color to Drive Subscriber Behavior

Did you know that when Sesame Street’s lovable Big Bird sings "one of these things is not like the others" he is actually describing a very compelling and well-researched phenomenon? "The psychological principle known as the isolation effect states that an item that ‘stands out like a sore thumb’ is more likely to be remembered," writes Gregory Ciotti at Entrepreneur.
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