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The Ultimate Guide to Bulletproof Buttons in Email Design

As designers and marketers, we all understand the importance of getting people to interact with our campaigns. That’s why the call-to-action, or CTA, is critical. We’ve written before about CTAs and their importance in email marketing and in this blog post, we’ll dive a bit deeper into one method of crafting calls-to-action—the bulletproof button.

40 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

When it comes right down to it, email marketing is all about getting the basics right. Yes, you need to segment your lists and yes, you should upgrade your transactional emails, but every email marketer also needs to invest time in big picture strategies like positioning, voice, value and conversion optimization. The 40 tips below may seem basic, but you’ll find many at the core of the best email marketing campaigns out there. You’ll also notice that many of the examples employ five or more of these tips in a single email. For best results, apply liberally.

Should I be Concerned with Text and Image Ratio in Email?

You have enough to worry about. With accessibility, interactive, GDRP and more in the immediate future, the last thing we want to stress over is text and image ratio. But that’s exactly what we do! Unfortunately, there’s not a blanket answer that encompasses everyone. But we can determine where it does and doesn’t make sense in specific cases.

5 Ways to Ruin Your Sender Reputation

According to a recent study by Return Path, delivery rates for emails from senders with poor sender reputation scores are markedly lower than those for senders whose reputations are strong. How much lower? A LOT lower… This difference in delivery rates can represent massive amounts lost revenue, especially for brands with large mailing lists. And isn’t revenue what this is really all about?

10 things Every Mailer Must Do

A bit of a refresh of a post from 2011: Six best practices for every mailer. I still think best practices are primarily technical and that how senders present themselves to recipients is more about messaging and branding than best practices. These 6 best practices from 2011 are no longer best, these days, they’re the absolute minimum practices for senders.

A DMARC warning

One challenge when implementing DMARC is to ensure that all mail, and I do mean ALL mail is authenticated correctly, before switching to a p=reject notice. The easiest way to do this is to set up a p=none record and check reports to see what mail isn’t authenticated. At least some of this mail is actually going to be valid but unauthenticated email.

Effective Email Marketing for Each Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

To successfully lead customers through these stages, marketers must know where a customer is in the cycle and send specific email messages that complement the customer’s journey. In this way, email becomes an integral part of creating brand advocates. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at the 5 stages of the customer lifecycle, as well as emails you can send during each stage.

HTML Tables In Email:  What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

If you’ve been in the email industry for any amount of time, you’ve likely experienced a number of problems with your email campaigns. From missing images to deliverability problems, email marketing is fraught with challenges. Something you may not have considered, though, is what can go wrong with the tables — the actual code — that is at the foundation of your emails.


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